Knowledge Topics

Upgrading WordPress: What You Should Know

I recommend WordPress to clients because its feature-set is continuously being improved and security patches are released frequently.

Pros And Cons of Rotating Heroes (Carousels/Sliders)

Regardless of how much traffic your website receives, about 2/3 of your visitors will never see your home page.

Coming To Terms With Google Analytics' (not provided)

If you're not already tracking visitors on your site with an analytics software, you should be. But there are a some things you should know.

Optimize Your Company's Website For Mobile Devices

Your website has the incredible ability of being always on and everywhere. Even though it's great to be everywhere at any given time in any given situation, it's important to note...

Email Newsletters - Which Provider to Choose?

One of the most important aspects of your online business is your email newsletter. If you don't currently have an email newsletter, here is a list of providers I recommend.